Hikvision Wall Mount Bracket

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Hikvision Wall Mount Bracket – DS-PDB-IN

Internal wall mount bracket is used for Indoor PIR, Dual-Tech and PIRCAM detectors

  • Supports hidden wiring & back tamper
  • Anti-torque design
  • Used with Indoor detectors




Hikvision Wall Mount Bracket

The Internal Wall Mounted Bracket is a specialized accessory designed to support the installation of indoor detectors. Its unique features include support for hidden wiring, back tamper protection and an anti-torque design. This bracket is an essential component for securing and concealing wiring while ensuring the stability and security of your indoor detectors.


Key Features:


Hidden Wiring Support:

  •   The bracket is designed to facilitate the concealed routing of wiring, maintaining a clean and unobtrusive appearance in your indoor spaces.


Back Tamper Protection:

  •  It includes a back tamper feature to enhance security by detecting any unauthorized attempts to tamper with the detector or its wiring.


Anti-Torque Design:

  •  The anti-torque design of this bracket ensures that the detector remains firmly in place and resistant to tampering or displacement.



  • This Internal Wall Mounted Bracket is specifically engineered for use with indoor detectors, providing a secure and reliable mounting solution.



  • ± 50° horizontal adjustable.
  • Ideal for residential and commercial security systems.
  • Suitable for use in various indoor environments where detectors are installed.



  • Professional installation is recommended to ensure proper alignment and secure attachment of the bracket and detector.


Product Specifications:

  • Material: ABS
  • Colour: White
  • Dimensions: 38 x 51 x 31.5mm
  • Weight: 13g


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Additional information

Weight13 g
Dimensions38 × 51 × 31.5 mm