Electric fencing

Why Electric Fencing

Electric fencing offers great peace of mind knowing that the boundary, which is considered as one’s first line of defence, is protected. It not only serves as a physical barrier to keep out unwanted guests but also as a perimeter alarm system. If correctly installed, the electric fence energiser will trigger an alarm and notify your armed response in the event of the wires being cut or an object thrown over  them. 

It is possible to lift the electric fence wires with a non-conductive object such as a stick to gain access into properties. To remedy this, wall mount and inline earth loops are installed which are designed to create a dead short and activate the fence alarm should attempts be made to lift the wires. 

Stemar specialise in Wall Top, Piggy Back and Free Standing electric fencing which include single and multi-zoned electric fence systems for residential, commercial and industrial sectors. Multi-zoned fences are predominantly used on very large sites that aid in directing the respondents of the fence alarm activation to the location of the incident as well as reducing time spent on fault finding.

Piggy Back Electric Fencing
Free Standing Electric Fencing
Piggy Back Fencing with Angled Top Fence
Earth Loops to trigger an alarm if wires are lifted
Wall Top Fencing
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Important Info Around Electric Fence Legislation

The installation of electric fencing requires training and an understanding of the correct configuration for the fence to function properly. Unfortunately too many fences were installed by too many untrained people leaving unsuspecting families living in a false sense of security, some with dire consequences. Finally in 2012 legislation was passed to safeguard businesses and families. Every new electric fence installed from 2012 has to be issued with an Electric Fence Certificate of Compliance as well as any modifications or additions, energiser replacements etc and no property with an electric fence can be sold without one.  

We at Stemar are fully registered with the Department of Labour and SAEFIA for the supply and installation of electric fences as well as to Certify any electric fence and bring it up to compliance levels.

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Tel: 011 791 5515 / After Hours: 083 226 2752 / support@stemar.co.za

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