Electric Fencing

Electrified fencing is an excellent deterrent as it Protects and Monitors One’s First Line of Defence being the perimeter of the property. The electrified fencing not only serves as a physical barrier of high voltage but also as a perimeter alarm system. Should the wires be cut or breached, e.g. a blanket or similar thrown over the wires, the fence alarm immediately activates and alerts both the resident and the armed response company to whom the resident is linked to of a possible intrusion. For large properties such as business parks, golf / residential estates, etc. zoned electric fences can be erected to allow a direct response to the area of intrusion as well as reducing time spent on fault finding. These zoned fences can be monitored via mimic panels usually installed in the site guard rooms or networkable computers with report monitoring on site or remotely. The huge advantage of electrified fencing is that an alarm is created before the intruder has entered the property.

A certificate of compliance must be issued with every new electric fence installed as per legislation passed in 2012 that can only be done by registered and licensed installers – Stemar Security Systems are compliant

Wall Top Electric Fencing

Piggy Back Electric Fencing

Free Standing Electric Fencing