Electric fencing

Electric Fencing

Electric fencing for residential security is a physical barrier consisting of electrified wires with the main purpose of keeping intruders out. It is available to secure access over boundary walls known as Wall Top Electric Fencing, can be attached to existing palisade or wire mesh fencing known as Piggy Back Electric Fencing or installed as a Free-Standing Electric Fence.

An electric fence energiser is attached to the fence wires that sends electric shocks to the fence in a controlled, non-lethal manor. If attempts are made to cut the fence wires or throw an object over the wires to scale over it, the energiser will activate an alarm to alert the resident, neighbours and the armed response company as well as to scare off intruders.

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Stemar Electric Fence Experience

Stemar have been installing Electric Fencing for over 30 years!! With thousands of installations in Johannesburg and Pretoria, there’s no one better for the job!!

Electric fencing offers great peace of mind knowing that the boundary, which is considered as one’s first line of defence, is protected. It not only serves as a physical barrier but also as a perimeter alarm system. If correctly installed, the electric fence energiser will trigger an alarm and notify your armed response in the event of the wires being cut or an object thrown over  them.

Stemar specialise in Wall Top, Piggy Back and Free Standing electric fencing which include single and multi-zoned electric fence systems for home and business. Multi-zoned fences are predominantly used on very large sites that aid in directing the respondents of the fence alarm to the location of the incident as well as reducing time spent on fault finding.

How Effective is Electric Fencing?

Electric Fencing is an excellent perimeter deterrent if installed correctly and configured in a series circuit!! It creates a physical barrier that stops intruders  before they can even enter your property and serves as a perimeter alarm system that activates if the fence wires are compromised. An poorly installed fence can be breached without a fence alarm activation. 

Unfortunately thousands of electric fences were (and are) installed in SA by people who are not properly trained and do not understand the importance of correctly installed electric fence. In attempts to combat this, legislation was passed in 2012 where every new electric fence installed must be compliant with the law and be in possession of an Electric Fence Compliance Certificate

Configuration of an Electric Fence Series Circuit

Series wiring is where the fence line is wired in one continuous loop. This configuration is generally used on security fence installations because if you cut any one wire you will break the circuit and the voltage monitor will trigger.

A single zone electric fence energiser has one Voltage Out terminal and one Voltage Return terminal well as Earth terminal/s. No matter how many strands of wire there are, no mater the number of gates, steps, sections, gaps etc, there should be only ONE closed circuit (one single loop) from the Voltage Out to Return terminals on the energiser.

Electric Fence Series Circuit

Ensure your electric fence is installed correctly

“Your security is only as strong as your weakest link” and a poorly installed electric fence has many weak links. If not installed correctly, criminals are able to gain access by either going under the fence, through or over it. Fortunately, we are able to remedy this!!

Start by ensuring the installation is done by qualified installers that will provide you with an Electric Fence Compliance Certificate that includes drawings, full description and location of all equipment used, energiser compliance certificate etc. One of the very important stipulations is to ensure that electric fence poles are not installed more than 3 metres apart!! Some installers spread them out to over 5 metres to save on installation costs however it creates a huge weakness in the system where wires can easily be lifted or separated enough to climb through.

Areas that include trees, telephone poles, wall steps, carports / outbuildings or other structures that intruders can use to get over the fence must be addressed. Driveway gates are a huge weakness and special care must be taken when addressing all critical issues.

Important Info Around Electric Fence Legislation

The installation of electric fencing requires training to correctly install and configure the system for it to function the way it is designed. While home and business owners put their trust into their nominated electric fencing companies, many end up living in a false sense of security, some with dire consequences. Finally in 2012 legislation was passed to safeguard businesses and families. Every new electric fence installed from 2012 has to be issued with an Electric Fence Certificate of Compliance as well as any modifications or additions, energiser replacements etc and no property with an electric fence can be sold without one.  

We at Stemar are fully registered with the Department of Labour and SAEFIA for the supply and installation of electric fences as well as to Certify any electric fence and bring it up to compliance levels.

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