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Alarm Systems (Ajax, Paradox / DSC / Caddy / IDS / Texecom)

The design of both indoor and outdoor alarm systems is of integral importance for its effectiveness as an early warning system with particular emphasis on the correct positioning of outdoor detection devises!! Incorrectly positioned devises can render the system useless and this is where knowledge based on experience along with a full understanding of how the devises actually work plays a huge roll in 1) avoiding false alarms and 2) obtaining an alarm activation early enough to respond to during an actual threat.
Stemar service, repair and replace most alarm systems on the market today however Paradox has been our preferred alarm system for new installations for the past number of years. Paradox have a wide range of systems to cater for all requirements starting from simple 8 zone panels all the way through to 192 zone panels and include up to 8 partitions connecting to a combination of both wired and wireless devises. The detection devises cater for a multitude of environments that include the detection of smoke and fire, glass breaking, opening of windows and doors, motion for both indoors and outdoors, temperature fluctuations and more.
Paradox have Intelligent two-way communication remote controls used for arming / disarming and include an INFO button which report of the status of your alarm system. This means that no “tell-tale” LED’s share your alarm status with everyone including the criminals. No need for multiple remotes, the same alarm remotes can be used to control your gate & garage, activate lights, geysers, pool pumps and whatever else may be required. The alarm system can be connected to the internet via an IP internet module and all of the above can be controlled from an app on your mobile devise from anywhere in the world.

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