Alarm Systems

Although Stemar service, repair and replace most alarm systems on the market today, Paradox is our preferred system for new installations. The Paradox residential alarm systems can accommodate up to 32 wired and wireless detectors and if bigger systems are required, their bigger brother can accommodate up to 192 zones with 8 partitions.

Detection devises are available to secure almost any environment such as detecting fire, smoke, glass break, movement, temperature fluctuations, indoor, outdoor etc. The design of outdoor detection is of vital importance to remove the ability for intruders to approach and peer through windows in search of valuables as well as to obtain the element of surprise.

We use Intelligent Remotes for arming / disarming which includes an Info button to report of the status of your system. This means that no “tell-tale” LED’s are required that share your alarm status with intruders. These remotes have the facility to trigger gates, garage doors, lights etc.Our alarm systems embrace mobile technology where the user has full functionality of their alarm system from anywhere in the world via Android & iPhone apps as well as the facility to trigger devises such as gates and garage doors, outdoor lights, pools pumps, geysers, lights etc.

All our alarm systems connect to ANY armed response company