Gate and Garage Automation

We service and repair most types of gate and garage door motors where replacement parts are readily available. 

In terms of new installations, our preference are Centurion Motors for both Gates and Garage doors as they have proven track record of reliability and prompt turnaround time for repairs!

Centurion Sliding Gate Motors

  • D2 Turbo
  • D5 EVO
  • D5 SMΔRT
  • D10
  • D10 Turbo
  • A10
  • FAAC 884
Centurion D2 Turbo The D2 Turbo is a high-speed, cost-effective gate motor for domestic gates weighing up to 250kg, with a maximum speed of 26m/min or 433mm/sec. This operator is exceptionally quick and easy to install and set up, with all settings easily configurable via two dials on the controller. With loads of features, the D2 Turbo is the complete motor for a light, domestic four metre gate.
The D2 Turbo Low-Voltage gate motor is designed specifically for sites with no mains at the gate to reduce installation costs while delivering outstanding reliability, comprehensive functionality and selectable high-security or standard speeds. With the D2 Turbo Low-Voltage, there is no need for costly high-voltage cable runs and expensive isolators. Simply use a low-voltage step-down transformer or solar power supply. 

Centurion D5 EVOThe D5 EVO gate motor is a popular choice for domestic and light industrial applications for gates up to 500kg. Its packed with technology, it's powerful and it's quick with a speed of 18 to 22m/min. It has a built in intelligent LCD controller for easy setup which includes an abundance of features such as Ambush and Break-in Alarms, ChronoGuard time technology allows many of the features to operate automatically or time barred and with its built-in real time clock and calendar, it allows you to set up different exclusions which also cater for public holidays, special time periods etc. It includes a code-hopping, multi-channel, multi-user on-board Centurion receiver allowing multi-button remotes to operate a combination of features such as Gate trigger, Pedestrian trigger and Holiday Lockout. It stores up to 500 remotes with the ability to selectively add and remove remotes / buttons saved into its system. 

Centurion D5 Smart

The D5 SMΔRT is the smartest motor yet and effortlessly setup by smartphone. Designed for gates up to 500kg, it can reach an impressive top speed of up to 36 metres per minute.

Some of the Innovative Technological Features:

    • Onboard multichannel NOVA receiver with 1500 button memory
    • Wireless and effortless – easy setup and configuration from your smartphone
    • 24V system capable of performing more operations and offering extended battery backup and power failure autonomy
    • New and improved theft-resistant cage with a patented design offering outstanding security and peace of mind
    • Vibration sensor that can be connected to a third-party device to notify you in the event that the gate motor is being tampered with
    • Intelligent battery charger with onboard diagnostics and SMART communication between the charger and the controller
    • Improved position control system incorporating hall effect technology – highly resistant to interference
    • Individually-configurable inputs and outputs
    • Convenient and intuitive single-action manual release

The D5 SMΔRT provides intelligent feedback on your operator’s overall functioning and reports on events such as the last remote pressed, the condition of the battery, gate status as well as the speed at which the gate is running, delivering maximum peace of mind and giving you the SMΔRT experience.

It also captures advanced technical data allowing the installer to have quick access to system diagnostics saving him considerable time and effort and enabling him to do his job more efficiently

Centurion D10Brains & Brawn. The D10 is a 24vDC industrial sliding gate motor with two 7a/h batteries for backup, perfect for commercial and industrial applications where heavy gates are installed. It includes the Centurion code hopping multi-channel receiver which stores up to 500 remotes and operates at a speed of between 22-26m/min with a maximum gate mass of 1000kg. 

The D10 motor is very popular for residential complexes and other similarly busy access points. The battery backup can be upgraded for longer power failure autonomy. 

Centurion D10 TurboThe D10 Turbo is the fastest Centurion motor of the lot, reaching speeds of up to 50m/min, depending on the weight of the gates and can move gates weighing up to 1000kg. As with the D10, the Turbo is a 24vDC battery backup motor with built-in on-board controller with similar features. This motor is particularly great for security due to the speed it travels at and especially for residential complexes where 'some' residents / tenants drive off without waiting for the gate to close behind them. 

Centurion A10Capable of handling sliding gates up to two tonnes in mass, and in arduous operating conditions, the automatic choice for commercial and industrial applications is the A10 industrial sliding gate motor. The CENTURION A10 uses a three-phase AC motor and electronic inverter to provide ultra-rapid opening and closing of the gate. The speed can be increased from 16 up to 30 metres per minute and is adjustable between opening and closing. The inverters’ added advantage of total speed control, makes for the fastest, smoothest starting and stopping of any sliding gate on the market in addition to extending the long-term reliability of the system. Combining the running characteristics of the three-phase motor and the efficiency of the inverter, the A10 industrial sliding gate motor continues to run cool even in high-duty applications. Although the A10 uses a three-phase motor, thanks to the inverter, it still connects to a standard 220V AC single-phase supply making the unit the ideal gate motor for virtually any domestic and industrial application. The clever design of the mechanical aspects makes installation quick and easy. In addition to the already exceptional benefits of the standard A10 industrial sliding gate motor, an optional DC converter module can be added to give battery backup. Solar power can be used to recharge the batteries enabling even the most remote sites to enjoy the security and convenience provided by the automatic choice in sliding gate motors.

FAAC 884Industrial Capacity: The 884 operator has been manufactured to handle the heaviest commercial or industrial-type gates in the simplest, most convenient way.

Exceptional Support Strength: The industrial design is guaranteed by the exceptional performance characteristics of the gate motor, which allows a frequency of 100% uninterrupted use for gates weighing up to 2000 Kg.

Protection in Movement: A corrosion-proof coating that is highly resistant to atmospheric agents, combined with IP55 protection of the operator, fully enhances the durability and safety for which FAAC electromechanical technology is renowned.

Constant Safety: Anti-crushing safety is ensured by an electronic device which adjusts the drive torque directly.

Maximum Service, Minimum Maintenance: Maintenance has been reduced and made easier with the ability to access the operator without removing the gate. Additionally, electricity consumption is minimised by the system’s outstanding mechanical efficiency.

  • Twin-disk clutch in oil-bath
  • Breaking device: reduces stop spaces and keeps the gate in the closed position
  • Steel housing protected by cataphoresis treatment and polyester paint

Centurion Swing Gate Motors

  • Vantage
  • Vert-X
  • R3 and R5
  • FAAC 400
  • FAAC 770N

Centurion VantageSleek, stylish, secure and strong are some of the words that describe the VANTAGE linear swing gate motor for domestic and industrial gates. VANTAGE gate automation comes standard with battery backup offers a quick and easy installation. It is an exceptionally strong set of operators for gates up to 4m wide per leaf.


  • VANTAGE 400 - Reliable operator with a shorter stroke for the majority of domestic swing gate applications
  • VANTAGE 500 - Extended stroke for larger domestic and light-industrial swing gate applications

Centurion Vert-XDesigned for smaller and lighter domestic gates, the VERT-X linear swing gate motor combines an innovative open-nut drive systemadvanced diagnostic capabilities and functionalityrugged die-cast aluminium construction and exceptional aesthetics for a wholly unobtrusive installationVERT-X is positioned firmly at the apex of swing gate automation.

Centurion R3 R5 swing gate motorsThe R3 and R5 rotary arm swing gate motors remains the logical choice for applications where the gate pillar is very wide and will not accommodate a linear drive system. The R3 can handle domestic gates up to 3.5m wide per leaf weighing no more than 150kg and the R5 can handle gates up to 3.5m wide per leaf weighing up to 250kg. As with all CENTURION gate controllers, the R3 and R5 offers a wide range of useful features and these battery-driven swing gate motors can also be adapted to operate off a solar power supply. 

FAAC 400Hydraulic operator

Condominium and industrial swing-leaf gates

• Large, robust operator suitable for gate leafs up to 7m.
• Maximum anti-crushing safety thanks to an exclusive hydraulic device.
• In case of power cut, the rotation of the (key protected) release device above makes it possible to open/close the gate manually.

400 SBS Long version with over 80% more torque than a standard
400 operator, ideal for more demanding applications.

FAAC 770NUnderground electro-mechanical operator

Residential swing-leaf gates with a single-leaf length of 3.50 m
and maximum weight of 500 kg

• Discreet underground operator
• Access to the operator is possible without removing the leaf
• Protection class IP 67
• Electronic control unit with an anti-crushing device and virtual encoder with reverse function upon detection of an obstacle
• Emergency battery to ensure operation in case of a power failure (optional)
• Easy-to-use lever-style manual release, protected by the lock

• Option to add BUS XIB interface for applications using NON BUS devices.

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