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Introduction to Ajax
- the most awarded Wireless security system in europe -

Video Introduction of Ajax

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No Wires, No Fuss and Simple to Program!!

Ajax is a completely wireless, state of the art alarm system that is fully setup and controlled via the Ajax mobile app for Android and IOS devices. It’s never been easier to own an alarm system, simply scan the QR codes of the Hub (control panel) and up to 100 wireless devices and the system is ready to operate. The Ajax app turns your security system into one easy-to-manage device; arming and disarming with a few taps, turn appliances on before getting home, open gates and garage doors, control pool pumps, geysers and lights from anywhere in the world. Receive instant notifications directly to your mobile device and includes a GEO panic facility whereby the exact location of the panic will be displayed on a map.

Ajax detectors are state of the art and monitor for burglary, fire and flood. Due to the SmartDetect digital algorithm and multi factor detection models, the detectors accurately determine when an intrusion has occurred and filters false alarms.

Up to 50 users can be added to the system and different user privileges can be assigned for each user which is great for staff members, kids, house sitters even neighbours and family members living elsewhere even if just for the panic facility.

Ajax Product Line 2018

“Coming Soon” items are now available – 2019

The Ajax HUB (brains of the system or 'control panel' as we know it)

Ajax Hub & Ajax Hub PLUS

The main differences between the are listed below

The Ajax Hub is delivered to you complete with:
– 100 Wireless zones
– 50 Users
– 50 Rooms
– 9 Partitions / Groups
– Built-in Ethernet (Internet module)
– Built-in GSM: 1x 2G SIM slot
– Built in transformer
– Built-in battery backup for up to 15 hours
– Connect up to 10 CCTV cameras or DVR’s
– Jamming detection
– Two-Way Communication
– Free Mobile App
– Dimensions: 163 x 163 x 36mm

The Ajax Hub  PLUS is delivered to you complete with:
– 150 Wireless zones
– 99 Users
– 50 Rooms
– 25 Partitions / Groups
– Built in WIFI
– Built-in Ethernet (Internet module)
– Built-in GSM (2x SIM Slots): 1x 2G & 1x 3G
– Built in transformer
– Built-in battery backup for up to 16 hours
– Connect up to 50 CCTV cameras or DVR’s
– Jamming detection
– Two-Way Communication
– Free Mobile App
– Dimensions: 163 x 163 x 36mm

Ajax hub plus

What you need to secure your home and business wirelessly

Ajax Hub/Hub Plus

Ajax hub

Choose between the Hub and Hub Plus, scan the QR Code and create an account. Then scan your device QR Code and the system is ready to use

Indoor & Outdoor PIR's

Ajax indoor and outdoor detctors

Ajax motion detectors are aesthetically pleasing, intelligent and pet friendly. 

Outdoor detectors are superbly advanced and include anti-masking that will notify you the moment the lenses be masked

Door & Glass Break Detectors

Ajax door protect Ajax glass protect

Protect your doors and windows and receive alarm alerts if they are opened as well as if glass is broken

Smoke & Leak Detectors

Ajax leak and flood detector

Place a Leak Detector under a washing machine or in a geyser drip tray and get notified of a leak.

Protect rooms with Smoke and Fire detectors

Keypad & Remotes


Keypads are optional as the Ajax system is fully programmed and controlled via mobile devices however there may be a requirement for Keypads in certain environments. Remotes are convenient for quick arm, disarm and panic


Ajax StreetSiren, Ajax HomeSiren

Your Ajax mobile app includes a siren alert for users of the system. Additionally, indoor sirens are available to notify users of an alarm activation and outdoor sirens to scare off intruders or alert the neighbours. The sirens time and volume is adjustable via the mobile app

Mobile App

Some of the many Features of the mobile app. Scan devise QR Codes to add them to the system, label them and it’s ready to use

Tel: 011 791 5515 / After Hours: 083 226 2752 / support@stemar.co.za

Ajax Videos

Outdoor PIR mobile alert

Anti-Mask Outdoor PIR

How To Prevent Flooding

Simple to Set Up

Ajax for Home & Business

Ajax New Features

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