Byrna Training Projectiles (Inert)

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Byrna Training Projectiles are filled with inert powder to imitate the dispersion of the Byrna Chemical Irritant projectiles and do not contain any active ingredients. They are the perfect way to practice shooting your Byrna Launcher and practice loading your Magazines.

R99.00 Incl. VAT
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R1,339.00 Incl. VAT
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Byrna Training Projectiles (Inert)

Introducing Byrna Training Projectiles – Safe and Effective Practice for Your Byrna Launcher


Imitate Real-World Dispersion:

– Byrna Training Projectiles are specially designed to mimic the dispersion pattern of Byrna Chemical Irritant projectiles making them ideal for practicing your shooting skills with accuracy and realism.


No Active Ingredients for Safety:

– Safety is paramount and that’s why Byrna Training Projectiles contain no active ingredients.

– You can practice confidently without any concerns about accidental exposure to chemicals.


Perfect for Skill Development:

– These training rounds offer the ideal means to hone your shooting accuracy and technique with your Byrna Launcher.

– Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced user, they’re an invaluable tool for skill development.


Magazine Loading Practice:

– Beyond shooting practice, Byrna Training Projectiles allow you to perfect the art of loading your magazines smoothly and efficiently.

– Get comfortable with the reloading process to ensure you’re always prepared.


Safe and Practical Training:

– Byrna Training Projectiles are a safe and practical choice for users of all experience levels.

– They offer a risk-free way to practice and familiarise yourself with your Byrna Launcher.


Empower Yourself with Training:

– Enhance your proficiency and readiness with Byrna Training Projectiles ensuring that you’re well-prepared to use your Byrna Launcher effectively when it matters most.



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