Byrna Kinetic Projectiles (Solid)

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Byrna Kinetic Projectiles (Solid) do not contain any active or inert ingredients. They deliver a kinetic payload that can discourage, deter, and delay an attacker as well as provide useful training without the necessity of traveling to a practice range. These training rounds do not break upon impact.

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Byrna Kinetic Projectiles (Solid)


Pure Kinetic Power:

– Byrna Kinetic Projectiles (Solid) are designed with simplicity and effectiveness in mind.

– These projectiles do not contain any active or inert ingredients; instead, they deliver a pure kinetic payload that can discourage, deter and delay an attacker.


Realistic Training Anywhere:

– Byrna Kinetic Projectiles are ideal for training scenarios without the need to travel to a practice range.

– Whether you’re honing your skills or familiarising yourself with your Byrna launcher, these rounds provide a practical training experience.


Built to Last:

– Unlike other projectiles, Byrna Kinetic Projectiles (Solid) do not break upon impact.

– They maintain their structural integrity, ensuring that you can reuse them for training without worrying about wasted rounds.


Versatile Deterrence:

– Beyond training, Byrna Kinetic Projectiles (Solid) can serve as a versatile deterrent, discouraging potential threats with their impact alone.

– They provide a non-lethal means of self-defence, offering you a valuable tool for personal security.


No Complicated Ingredients:

– By forgoing active or inert ingredients, Byrna Kinetic Projectiles (Solid) simplify the self-defence experience while still delivering effective results.


Empower Yourself with Training and Deterrence:

– With Byrna Kinetic Projectiles (Solid), you have the means to train effectively and enhance your skills while also having a non-lethal option for self-defence readily available.


Choose Byrna Kinetic Projectiles (Solid) for simplicity, versatility, and effectiveness – where training and deterrence merge into a practical solution for personal safety. Trust Byrna for your peace of mind.

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