Byrna Belly Holster – Stretch Fit

R465.00 Incl. VAT

The Byrna Belly Holster – Stretch Fit is popular choice for cyclists and general use. The Stretch Fit design makes it comfortable for concealed carry from small to extra-large.

Stretch Fit  – Size Guide:

  • Small To Medium – 65cm To 100cm (S-M)
  • Large To Extra Large – 95cm To 125cm (L-XL)


R465.00 Incl. VAT
R465.00 Incl. VAT
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Byrna Belly Holster – Stretch Fit

Introducing the Byrna Belly Holster – Stretch Fit – Comfortable and Concealed Carry Perfected


Ultimate Comfort for Concealed Carry:

– The Byrna Belly Holster – Stretch Fit is your ideal solution for concealed carry, offering comfort that doesn’t compromise on security.

– It’s designed for your convenience and peace of mind.


Premium Elastic Neoprene Material:

– Crafted from premium soft and breathable elastic neoprene, this holster ensures all-day comfort even during extended wear.

– Experience a holster that moves with you allowing for a snug and secure fit.


Say Goodbye to Excessive Sweating:

– The holster includes micro-holes that prevent excessive sweating making it perfect for active individuals or those engaged in exercise.

– Stay cool and comfortable while carrying your Byrna Launcher.


Additional Pockets for Essentials:

– We understand that you may have other items to carry and that’s why additional pockets have been included in the design.

– Store your cell phone, spare magazines, spare projectiles and more within easy reach.


Tailored Stretch Fit – Size Guide:

– Choose from two size options to ensure a perfect fit: Small To Medium (S-M) for waist sizes between 65cm to 100cm, and Large To Extra Large (L-XL) for waist sizes between 95cm to 125cm.

– Experience a holster that fits you like a glove.


Elevate Your Concealed Carry Experience:

– The Byrna Belly Holster – Stretch Fit is designed for those who prioritise both comfort and readiness.

– Carry your Byrna Launcher discreetly and confidently knowing that you’re well-prepared for self-defence.


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(S-M) 65cm To 100cm, (L-XL) 95cm To 125cm