RED-E RS80 II Solar LED Power Bank

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RED-E RS80 II Solar LED Power Bank – 8000mAh

Perfect for the outdoor enthusiast strong and rugged build with a great 12 LED light perfect for the braai while out camping or use it as a tent light.

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RED-E RS80 II Solar LED Power Bank


RED-E Powerbank Lifetime Guarantee


RED-E RS80 II – 8000mAh Solar Power Bank with 3 setting 12- LED light panel in a durable, rubber case LED indicator lights


  • Capacity: 8000mAh
  • Input: Up to 5V/1A & 5V-200mAh solar panel
  • Output: 1A/5V
  • Interface: 2 outputs for charging 2 devices
  • Lithium Polymer battery for safety
  • LED indicator lights
  • Water Resistant
  • 3 setting 12- LED light panel in a durable, rubber case


What’s in the box:

Powerbank, Charging Cable

Additional information

Weight 293 g
Dimensions 142 × 70 × 17 mm

Lifetime Guarantee


RED-E Products are guaranteed against any manufacturing defect for the lifetime of the product. If this product is determined to be defective by an authorised RED-E dealer, it will be replaced at no expense to the customer. This guarantee excludes normal wear and tear through regular use or if the product has been subjected to abuse by the user (including liquid damage). Please retain proof of purchase as the guarantee will only be honoured if returned with an invoice.


The lifespan of a RED-E PowerBank is guaranteed up to 500 cycles/recharges. The guarantee also covers deterioration/degradation of the PowerBanks ability to retain charge within a 5 year period as well as USB ports that fail to deliver charge, excluding physical damage to the USB ports. Any signs of tampering with the internals or attempting to open the PowerBank will immediately void the guarantee.


All cables are covered by the lifetime guarantee; this guarantee covers sudden loss of charge/sync capabilities provided there is no physical or liquid damage to the cable, its adapters (or pins) or the insulation covering the cable.


Should the charger suffer an electric surge/spike due to a surge/spike in the electrical grid (can be caused by power cuts, circuit overload etc.) we will replace the charger at no expense to the customer, this is to be determined by the RED-E approved dealer. Any signs of tampering with the internals or attempting to open the charger will immediately void the guarantee.

PLEASE NOTE: The RED-E charger is designed to prevent damage coming to a device that is drawing charge from it while connected to the electrical grid. This guarantee will be void in the event the charger is being plugged into a generator or an electrical point that has not been installed to the minimum standards of the local electricity regulator or one that has not been properly linked to the local electricity regulator’s grid.

In the unlikely event of a massive electrical surge through your plug point, the RED-E Charger is designed to reduce the surge and so protect your device. RED-E cannot guarantee that it will prevent damage from coming to your device.


The lifetime guarantee covers any manufacturing fault that may come to the RED-E SMARTDrive, this includes the pins detaching from the housing (without signs of force or damage to the housing), loss of storage integrity (up to 5,000 cycles) or cyclic redundancy issues.