Byrna Spare Magazines (Pack of Two)

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Byrna Spare Magazines for Byrna HD, SD and XL Launchers. Be prepared and loaded for when you need it.

Package includes:

  • 2x 5 Round Magazines


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Byrna Spare Magazines (Pack of Two)

Byrna Spare Magazines – Stay Prepared and Loaded When It Matters


Double the Capacity:

– This set of spare magazines includes 2x 5-round magazines providing you with ample ammunition for your Byrna HD, SD and XL Launchers.


Peace of Mind Preparedness:

– With these spare magazines on hand, you can ensure that you’re always loaded and ready for self-defence or target practice.


Compatible with Multiple Models:

– These magazines are designed to work seamlessly with Byrna HD, SD and XL Launchers offering versatility and compatibility.


Reliable Performance:

– Trust in the reliable performance of Byrna spare magazines crafted to meet the high standards of Byrna’s non-lethal self-defence devices.


Elevate Your Readiness:

– Equip yourself with spare magazines for your Byrna Launcher and enhance your preparedness so you’re always ready to respond to potential threats or engage in recreational shooting.