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Preventative Maintenance

Preventative Maintenance is a very important aspect of any security system to ensure that it works for when you most need it. Imagine being in an emergency situation and faced with system failure!! 

As a home owner, the very least that should be done is to test your alarm signals every month without fail and to make sure the respondents to the activations receive these signals!! Security is like an insurance policy; you hope you never need it but it’s there in case you do.

Some of the other maintenance issues that must be addressed are e.g. ants love to infest PC boards of items such as intercom, gate motors, alarm detectors etc which must be kept under control to prevent damage and system failure, electric fences to be checked for correct voltage , corrosion, foliage and obstructions, CCTV lenses to be refocused and cleaned, any mechanical / moving parts to be greased and lubricated etc etc, all of which can be done by the home owner.

But people are people and most tend to put these tasks off for another day and on many occasions, it just never happens!! This is what we do. We do not forget or put things off, we get it done!! Let us take over that all important task of keeping you and your family safe by ensuring your systems are always fully functional and to keep you undated with the latest in technology for any improvements that become available.

In addition, once you’re signed up with a maintenance agreement, you will automatically receive preferential pricing on any call outs over and above the maintenance calls as well as discounted pricing on installations of new systems. 

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