CCTV – HD and IP Systems

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CCTV has always played a major part for the protection and security of businesses and public places such as airports, banks, military facilities, casinos etc. Most of these CCTV systems are manned 24 hours per day and greatly benefit by preventing possible crimes from taking place as well as monitoring the movement of staff, access control, cash points etc.

For residential users, CCTV offers great peace of mind especially when used in conjunction with an existing perimeter security system. When one or more of the perimeter alarms activate, one is able to view all vulnerable entry points around the house from one location and determine whether the threat is real and take appropriate action or whether it was just a false alarm. The CCTV footage can be viewed on separate internal CCTV monitors, incorporated into an existing TV setup as well as on Android and iPhone devises via WIFI or 3G/LTE remotely.