Ajax MultiTransmitter

Ajax MultiTransmitter

A module for integrating third-party wired devices into Ajax

Wired alarm renovation

The Ajax Multi-Transmitter is an 18 zone wired panel that wirelessly connects to an Ajax Hub to integrate wired devices into the Ajax system. Whether you want to add wired devices to your Ajax Smart Alarm or replace your existing Wired Alarm System, Ajax MultiTransmitter will effortlessly transform your wired devices into a secure, modern day smartphone-controlled security system.

The MultiTransmitter is compatible with all the Ajax Hubs. Click here for more info on the Hubs

MultiTransmitter is a step towards awareness and reliability. For security companies, it opens the possibility to configure the equipment remotely and users get all the benefits of managing the system through an app.

More Ajax features

IR beams, household gas, temperature, liquid level detectors and much more — with MultiTransmitter, these devices are ready to expand the Ajax areas of use. And wired connectivity and support of international security industry standards ensure full compatibility.

MultiTasking in a single body

New features of old devices

MultiTransmitter has 18 wired zones, each of which can be configured in the Ajax app. The detectors connected to the zones can be active 24/7, operate with entering or exiting delay, activate sirens if necessary, and participate in automation scenarios. With MultiTransmitter, the old alarm system becomes part of a secure and smart home.

Data-rich alarms

With MultiTransmitter, you can specify the type of alarm and room for each wired device. This makes notifications more informative, not only do you know what happened, but where too. This information is displayed using push notification, SMS and is also sent to armed response companies under an appropriate code. A total of five types of alarms are available: intrusion, fire, medical assistance, panic button, gas alarm.

Jeweller - Wireless communication between Hub and Devices

Radio communication without reliability compromises

MultiTransmitter communicates with a hub via an encrypted Jeweller radio protocol. This is a TDMA technology developed by Ajax Systems for uninterrupted communication with devices. Jeweller detects jamming attempts, switches to the backup frequency in case of interference, and allows Ajax wireless devices to run on battery power for years.

Connection to a hub at a distance of up to

2,000 metres

Alarm delivery in 

0.15 seconds

Adjustable ping from 

12 seconds

Security without barriers

When using ReX range extenders, Ajax security system’s radio network can cover up to 35 km2, without interference. But if some rooms are impermeable for radio waves, connecting wired devices via MultiTransmitter is the best solution. The length of wires can extend to 400 meters.

Protected against sabotage

MultiTransmitter will inform you instantly if the connected devices have been interrupted with power failure, disconnection of the signal cable, or tampering. Electricity loss at the site will not be a problem either — the backup battery can provide power to devices for up to 4 days. MultiTransmitter body itself is equipped with two tampers that respond to removal of the integration module from the mount and removal of the lid.

  • Instant connection loss detection with wired device (EOL)
  • Cavity in the body for a backup battery 7 A⋅h
  • 2 tampers that detect dismounting and opening of the body
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