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Access Control is one of the most important aspects of ones security and needs to be addressed as such. Our services include a wide range of products from access keypads, card / tag / biometric readers which are commonly used to control physical items such as doors, gates, vehicle barriers, spiked boom gates, turnstiles, speed gates, man traps, bollards and similar products that Stemar supply and install. 

In addition to the physical hardware of securing entry and exit points, we have software that can manage time and attendance optionally linked to payroll systems, it will restrict or grant access to certain locations for certain staff members at certain times including anti pass-back with a number of other great security features. 

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of Access Keypads

Access keypads are convenient but must be used with caution and awareness. They are commonly used in residential homes for the access of e.g. staff and armed response companies however in the majority of the cases, no notifications or alerts are sent to the owner when they are used. 

Without putting too much thought into it, we entrust the gate code to those who require access but the problem is that these codes can be easily and inadvertently be given to others who’s intentions may be more sinister. 

There are various ways and means of getting notified when access keypads are used or if the gate opens. Contact us for more info.

Specialists in Residential Complex Access Control

One of the biggest challenges for residential complexes is that not every resident is conscious about the criminal element e.g. handing out the gate keypad code to contractors, temporary staff and friends alike, not ensuring the gate closes before driving off, not checking if the electric fence has been turned back on after maintenance just to mention a few and unfortunately The Actions of One Affect ALL!!

In addition, many residential complexes access control systems lack the basic but all very important technology such as not being able to delete individual remotes if one is lost. Lost remotes as well as gate keypads with “one code for all’ severely compromises the security of ALL residents.

Our systems ensure that every resident is protected by implementing technology that securely controls the flow of vehicle and pedestrian access and all this activity is recorded for scrutiny.

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