Access Control

Access Control Systems installed by Stemar

The primary aim of access control systems is to protect people and property or restricted areas from unauthorised access.

Access control consist of three core elements:

    • Identification: Access control systems are set up to control the movement of people entering property or buildings making it possible to obtain or determine the identity of any person entering the secure area.
    • Authentication: Once the access control system identifies an individual, it is important that the person’s identity is authenticated. This will help ensure that only the right individuals are granted access into the property, building or area.
    • Authorisation: After successful authentication of the individuals’ identity, the access control system will grant access to the property / building or other secure or restricted areas, depending on the specified criteria.

Our experience includes access control systems for residential complexes / estates, business parks and buildings / offices that includes:

  • Palm and Facial recognition systems
  • Biometric readers
  • Tag & Card proximity readers
  • Access keypads
  • Vehicle tag readers
  • Automated Booms & Gates
  • Turnstiles
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In addition to the above, we further enhance the access control points by installing CCTV systems, Intercom systems, ID & Registration scanners and guard monitoring systems.

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